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Requiem pour Mathieu

Pierrette Froment-Savoie's Requiem pour Mathieu, written in 1993 after the death of her son, was performed and recorded live on February 17, 2007, and includes the Ottawa Bach Choir, pianist Pierrette Froment-Savoie, strings and soloists Pascal Beaudin, soprano; Chantal Richard, mezzo-soprano; Michel Schrey, tenor and Pierre-Étienne Bergeron, baritone, conducted by Lisette Canton. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go towards the palliative care centre, la Maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie. 

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Track List

Track List


1. Introit

2. Kyrie

3. Dies Irae

4. Tuba Mirum and Dies Irae

5. Liber Scriptus and Dies Irae

6. Quid Sum Miser

7. Rex Tremendae

8. Recordare

9. Ingemisco

10. Confutatis and Dies Irae

11. Lacrimosa

12. Offertorium and Hostias

13. Sanctus and Benedictus

14. Agnus Dei

15. Psalm of David

16. Lux Aeterna

17. In Paradisum

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Available for purchase in stores at:

La maison Mathieu-Froment-Savoie
55 du Couvent Street, Gatineau, QC, CANADA

Village Place Cartier 
425 St-Joseph Boulevard, Gatineau, QC, CANADA

By Market
33 Georges Street, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

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